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The War Dogs Army Federation was formed to take the Age of Champions experience to the next level.  The War Dogs Army is built on the concept of “community”, “cooperation”, and “camaraderie”.  Here in the War Dogs Army we are family.  Anyone can join the War Dogs Army,

but the quickest way to get expelled is to cause dissension or unrest within the community.

The leader of this Federation is (its founder) Thunder Dog.  The Federation shall have a twelve member board of directors, who’s input and advise shall go toward the leadership of this Federation.  Thunder Dog will supplement with another document designating that list of directors.  This list shall be made of players who have shown a dedication to this family, the ability to lead, and demonstrated the wisdom to lead with a firm but gentle hand.

Upon entering the War Dogs Army, the new member will go to one of the community guilds: W.D. Army Bronze, W.D. Army Brass, W.D. Army Meteorite, Battle Pups. These guilds are for the casual player, the person who wants to experience the community atmosphere and the group raiding, but is not particularly interested in competition.

The War Dogs will also have Battle Teams, designed for the specific purpose of competition and Guild Wars.  Initially, those battle teams are designated as: “WDA BIG DOGS”, “W. D. Army Diamond”, "W. D. Army Emerald", "W. D. Army Platinum", "W. D. Army Gold", “W. D. Army Silver”, and "W. D. Army Iron".  To be a potential candidate for a battle team, the player must

(a) be a member of the War Dogs in good standing,

(b) be an active daily player,

(c) be willing to battle to obtain and maintain his/her position on the team, and

(d) agrees to always keep at least 10,000 gold banked for the purpose of issuing or accepting a challenge for a war.


If a player wants to challenge for a position on one of the battle teams, he will make that challenge to the appropriate team leader. Once a qualified person makes a challenge, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. The player challenged shall be notified that his position on the team is being challenged.  The challenged player shall have 24 hours to respond to the challenge that he is ready for the battle.
  2. When the challenged person announces ready, the challenger shall have 12 hours to effect his attack.  The challenger will attack the challenge twice in battle.  If the challenger wins both of his attacks, then the person challenged gets two return attacks.  If the challenger wins three out of four of the battles, he has successfully challenged that team position.
  3. No mercenaries will be used for the team challenge battle.  The players have to be evenly matched as far as cranked Titans.  (In other words, mercenaries or Titans cannot be the deciding factor in the match.)
  4. A challenger can only challenge the same player once in 30 days.
  5. If a team member is successfully challenged, then he/she has the option to challenge someone else (either within that team or in another team)
  6. The teams are originally designed to have 15 members on each team.  This is for many purposes: (a) for an advantage in warfare, (b) to keep the number manageable, and (c) to lessen the chance of dead weight.  The 15 number maximum limit is flexible when in the discretion of the leadership that it is the best interest of the team to vary the team amount.
  7. If a Guild War approaches (either by challenge or by KN event) the team leader will hold a roll call to make sure all of his members are active and participating.  Any player that does not answer the roll call in a reasonable time will be temporarily kicked from the team.  That player can return to the team when the event is over.
  8. Suspended


PS The board will treat each case individually and looking into all the facts of what happened. So please report these events as soon as possible to your guild leaders and they will pass it on to the board.
Thanks :)

These bylaws shall be amended or added to as the need arises.

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